When we say (Bahati!) You Say (Books!)

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with none other than Bahati Books to bring you even more charming narratives from across our Continent.

Bahati Books is an e-book publishing company that aims to present global readers with captivating and well-written African literature by African authors. For the next couple of weeks, and beyond, Bahati Books’ growing community of talented writers will be offloading short snippets of literary gems right on our doorstep.

In joining forces, we are confident that we can continue to play a role in not only making African literature more readily accessible, but casting a reflection of African life that is representative of the people living and breathing it.

Stanley Gazemba, gets the ball rolling with a snapshot of his brilliant piece, Chinese Cuisine.

You know the drill; prepare a cup of the finest tea, sit back, and enjoy!