PhotoStory: (If Walls Could Talk)

Photo credit: @see_dy via Instagram

Colourful, bland, distressed, pristine walls. Each with their own unique story. We pass them daily – probably without noticing. Not today.

Today, bricks and mortar take centre stage as we travel from Senegal to Sudan. We sourced all photos from the joy that is Instagram, so be sure to follow the amazing photographers listed below!


Moroni, Comores w: @kanayakine
Comoros | @Kanayakine
Gorée, Sénégal w: @rainmaker3909
Senegal. | @rainmaker3909
@jasynhowes - goree, senegal
Senegal. | @jasynhowes
@cidadedeluanda - Luanda, Uganda
Angola. | @cidadedeluanda
@kevin_macht_fotos - Cape Town, SA.png
South Africa. | @kevin_macht_fotos
Sudan. | @hisham3ziz
Niger. | @joepenney.png
Niger. | @joepenney
DAKAR w: @doufsarah..png
Senegal. | @doufsarah


Mozambique. | @easternsuns
Mozambique. | @easternsuns
Sudan. | @hisham3ziz
MOZAMBIQUE w: @easternsuns
Mozambique. | @easternsuns
Stone Town, Zanzibar w: @danizelle
Tanzania. | @danizelle
Mozambique. | @easternsuns
Mali w: @an_be_kele
Mali. | @an_be_kele
Sudan w: @hisham3ziz
Sudan. | @hisham3ziz
@nazyxo - curator of the week covering #Zanzibar
Tanzania. | @nazyxo
Bamako w: @joepenney | #Visiterlafrique #Mali
Mali. | @joepenney


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