Peter Maximoff: by Eniìtàn

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Oshòdì Òkè!” The conductor shouted, jumping down from the bus before it rolled to a stop.

“Enter with your shange oh!”

The crowd at the bus stop surged towards the open door as Chinomso stood back and watched more than half of her would-be fellow passengers deplete her chances of getting to University on time. As the bus sped away, she forced her way towards the front of the crowd, determined to give herself a better chance when the next one arrived.

“Abeg moff oh” the woman selling pepper by the side of the road snapped, sprinkling water on her cherry ripe tomatoes and anyone who hadn’t moved away from her wares. Chinomso looked down at the toddler sticking out his tongue, and giggling behind his ruthless mother. Sorry oh, I can see your father has paid Fashola for the road, Chinomso murmured under her breath as she eyed the woman and stepped away from her stall.

Ten minutes later, the crowd had tripled, and there was still no bus in sight. Chinomso reached for her phone:

Pls kp a seat 4 me, still @ Airport rd, waiting for a bus
Babe hurry oh, test starts at 12
Yeah, I knw. bloody fuel scarcity!
>People are not smiling at all oh! Na to fight kung fu enter bus today oh!

The shouts of the crowd forced her to look up. They were screaming and pointing at the pepper seller’s toddler who had somehow slipped through the crowd, onto the road, and into the path of an oncoming truck.

Chinomso didn’t think. Everything happened so fast. All she remembered was the sharp wind in her face, and the heat from the truck’s rusted grill as she dashed across the road.

Her fake Brazilian weave stuck to her forehead as she stood, panting on the other side, with the dazed child clutched in her arms.

“How did she get there so fast?”
“She disappeared!”
“I didn’t even see her pass and I was closest to the road.” “Ó gbófe ni oh!”
“This one na mammy water!”
“E dey fly for night…”

The boy’s mother ran towards them with a glazed look on her face. Chinomso handed her the child and watched her shrink away. Àjé. That was what her eyes said. She saw the same look amongst the faces in the crowd that was starting to close in on her.

Again, Chinomso didn’t think. All her would-be lynchers felt was the draft of air she left behind as she ran all the way to Oshòdì without stopping.

Eniìtàn (@eniitanstales) is a Dreamer. Realist. Perfectionist. Absolutely human. Lover of life and beauty and good things and good, beautiful things. Eniìtàn believes in absolutes and loves to paint outside the lines. Engineer by profession, Writer at heart.

About the Superhuman Series

I’ve often fantasised about having super powers (haven’t we all, eh!) and I started the series in a bid to try to see life through the eyes of an ordinary-dude-turned-unordinary. What circumstances would trigger the manifestation of these powers? How would I handle it, especially in those first few moments of realisation? In what ways would my life change? How would the people around me react? Is a city like Lagos even ready for a SuperHero?!

With the series, I’m on a journey of discovery and just like you, I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen from one moment to the other or how any one story is going to turn out, but I’m super excited to find out! Follow the Super Human series on

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