A Revolution in the City: by Enam Noeki

A farmer’s son, saw the civilians of their village roam the streets near the countryside border. He asked his father if he could join the revolution.

“Why?” his father asked.

“I want to be of great change,” his son said with air puffed up in his chest. “I want the people to not suffer like we do and grant them happiness.”

The farmer stopped digging the trench. “If you can answer this, I will let you go. Why will these people fail?”

The boy paused. “…because our government is more powerful-”

“No. That is never the reason why.”

His son’s eyes lost its fleeting fire. “Then why?”

The farmer pointed at the revolution again. Smoke wafted above the protesters. Their chants changed to shouts of war when another group crashed into them.

“The best way to rule is to give them a distraction,” a farmer said, throwing a shovel at his son. “This is why you should help me dig.”


Enam Noeki (@enamnoeki ) Still thinking about what to write twenty eight years later.

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