There is a pot of water on the kitchen stove, the new one. Te’ele will use it to boil rice and realize when she tastes it that she forgot to add salt. She won’t mind, where is her appetite anyway? It’s 7pm and her husband is not home yet… [10mins]

At the bottom of every well, there dwells a mystical little creature with large bat-like ears and big round eyes the colour of charcoal. Its skin is the dark brown of moist loam, and between little fingers and little toes, skin webs across, giving its limbs the appearance of fins… [8mins]

Clothes, everywhere. Clothes removed with an urgency of passion that now seemed spent. Two lovers lying on a poster bed. Bed in a hotel room with its balcony door open. A sultry wind beckons at the soft curtains, raising it ever so lightly, like a practiced voyeur’s peep… [4mins]